When Is National Aids Awareness Day ?  

The National HIV-AIDS Awareness Day is observed on February 7 each year. This day was first observed in the year 1995 and was conceptualized by the NAWA (National Association of People with AIDS), the world famous non-profit organization, which works towards creating awareness about AIDS and strives to make a significant difference in lives all those suffering from this fatal disease.

The National AIDS Awareness Day was actually started with the sole aim of promoting the significance of HIV testing and early diagnosis of the disease. The Soulsville US event, held on 29th June, give people an opportunity to get the HIV test done for them and acquire all the required information about the dangers and the main preventive measures of the disease.

HIV infection is known to considerably affect the black population that resides in the US quite disproportionately. In the year 2006, 46 percent of people having AIDS in the US were from the black population above the age of 13 years. In fact, the incidence rate and the anticipated HIV prevalence for black women and men were much higher than the other ethnic/racial populations. According to popular estimates, in the total black population, sexual contact between 2 males accounted for nearly 63 percent new infections, while heterosexual contact among black females accounted for 83 percent of the new HIV cases. In order to address the racial disparity prevalent in the HIV incidence, a number of support and research programs are conducted by the CDC for prevention of HIV among the black population in the US.

7 February, which is also sometimes referred as the National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, is the day when governmental and non-profit organizations make an extra effort to offer AIDS testing opportunities for people across the country.

Similarly, March 10th is observed as the National Women and Girls AIDS Awareness Day; March 20th as the National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day; May 18th as the HIV Vaccine Awareness Day, May 19th as the National Asian and Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day; and June 27th as the National HIV Testing Day. Several other days of the year have been assigned for spreading awareness about HIV infection in different communities in the US.

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When Is National Aids Awareness Day ?




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