Where To Donate A Mobile Home To Charity ?  

One of the best things you could donate that you would not need beyond a point of time, after incurring to the maximum of your budget is your mobile home. The charity that you donate the mobile home to can annex your mobile home with their present facility or can give it out for transitional housing or can use it for group housing. They can also auction off or raffle it to generate money for other urgently required things

Here are some places where you can donate your mobile home for a good purpose:

  • Charity would serve both the purposes of giving your mobile home to someone needy and also in saving you considerably from some tax implications.
  • Fire departments are known to train new trainees and also retrain their existing force of firefighters. The fire department hardly gets an opportunity to give their firefighters an experience in a home that can be as real and usable as a mobile home. This would help them deal more appropriately in fires in houses in real life.
  • If possible, advertise in newspapers announcing your donation or you can spread the word of your donation through social networking sites. You can also ask your friends to find out someone needy who might need a mobile home,
  • You can get in touch with a metal scrapper with the help of advertising they put up. The mobile homes that are very old are known to have lot of metal parts that they can take off and sell. Usually, they do the hauling of metal themselves that can save you the expense of towing the trailer.

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Where To Donate A Mobile Home To Charity ?




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