How Is Creativity Important ?  

Creativity is the thing behind progression of anything. It is the power to think differently, think out of the box and all the limitations. It is the force behind all the originality of the world. If one is not creative, new ides would not have been born and the whole civilization would have come to stagnation.

Creativity also serves as a welcome change in the monotony of and the routine life. It gives a chance to explore the unexplored. Creativity also pushes us to give our brains a little exercise. We tend to draw some limitations around us. We tend to think that there cannot be anything else beyond that. But by bringing in a little creative bend in our mind, we start to realize that those boundaries are actually the starting point of something more vast and unheard of.

If we look back in history of our development, we will see that it was only creativity in one way or the other at every bend or turn which led us to the modern world and civilization that we know of. Everyday, new technology is been made, newer researches are been undertaken- how? Only due to some creative minds, looking beyond the obvious, thinking ahead of time, pushing the limits of their knowledge by constantly hunting for answers and reasons, are at work.

It is only through creativity that we can be prepared for whatever life has in store for us. This is because life offers a multitude of experiences and opportunities, some of them unique in their own nature. So there is nobody or no example to look up to. That is when the creative edge is needed to sailed through it. Thus, each one of us should start honing any creative skills to prepare us for the future.

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How Is Creativity Important ?




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