Symbols Of Catholic Faith  

The symbols of Catholicism are very common around us. The signs and symbols of every religion play a very important role. The facts of symbolism also appear in every religious system. Most prayers and facts revolve around these symbols. These symbols act as tools or aids forming a journey.

Firstly, the crucifix is basically a cross of Christ attached on it. This is one of the most common symbols that remind you of Catholicism. It will always have INRI on the top. This famous symbol signifies sacrifice.
Secondly, the other symbol includes Alpha and Omega, the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. It is said that in the famous Book of Revelation Jesus referred himself as Alpha and Omega.

Thirdly, we have the Cross which is quite a widespread symbol. It signifies torture and humiliation. It was a symbol loosely associated with death as well as Resurrection. Next, the Sacred Heart is also a symbol of Humility. It is considered as a symbol of love. It proved that love is eternal. The Fish is yet another symbol often used at times of persecution. You also need to know the meaning of acronym. Fourthly, Dove is considered as symbol of Holy Spirit. It will sometimes be depicted along side an olive branch in its mouth.

The other important symbol is Lamb. It clearly signifies purity and innocence. They are often associated with sacrifice and humanity. It is also sometimes portrayed with a flag which again shows Christ’s victory.

Lastly, Fluer De Lis is again a symbol of Mary which portrays care and beauty along with purity. This lily is also used to explain chapels, shrines and grottos. All these symbols are so associated and dedicated to Mary.

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Symbols Of Catholic Faith




What-Faith-Can-Do      Faith is one of the most common factors in every religion. Be it catholic or any other religion, faith has to be an integral part of it. It can definitely not be seen. It is an abstract feeling or impression. Faith can almost save every relationship. It is a complete subjective thought. It completely differs from person to person. It is completely non-material and hence is quite effectual. More..





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