History Of Crisis Intervention  

History of crisis intervention can be discussed or understood only after the people have understood the actual meaning of crisis. It is not any mental disorder or illness but it should be noted that in lack of the proper crisis intervention methods or techniques, it is much likely to occur. It can be described in various ways including the fact that it appears as a turning point in lives of people.

Crisis is a hazardous condition in itself as far as the perception of a person, a precipitant or the dimensions of any event are considered. It can be defined as a temporary state of disequilibrium or upset which is further accompanied by disorganization or confusion. The disorganization that is mentioned here can be integral towards the reduction of problem solving abilities till a certain time period where the traditional management techniques or strategies may not turn effective.

Crisis is known to occur in different episodes throughout the lifespan of any person, groups, families, communities, and finally the nations. All these episodic developments have their own levels of effect or impact. There are several things which require attention and are worth remembrance in terms of the crisis intervention. One of these factors includes the timing. Intervention is basically a short term process or can be considered as time limited. The target time that intervention begins with is normally between 24 to 72 hours after the beginning of the intervening event. This then lasts for around four to eight weeks and the intervention can take about 6 weeks which is the average time period taken out from different researches.

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History Of Crisis Intervention




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