Activities To Improve Listening Skills  

Listening is the most important part of a good communication. If one does not listen properly and wholly to what the other person has to say, the conversation would not be successful, per se. But most of us are bad listeners.

Research has shown that most of us only remember twenty to fifty percent of what was said actually. That is why, communication problems and gaps occur, which give rise to misunderstanding. Thus, all of us need to learn some good techniques to improve our listening skills in order to communicate effectively in future.

First of all, to make yourself an active listener, you have to learn to become interested in what the other is saying. Even if the conversation is boring or unsuitable for your taste, it is important to scan it for any topic that might rouse your interest. In your mind, make a list or a note of the points the other people is mentioning. If it is possible, get a pen and a paper and write the important points of the communication that is taking place between you and the others. That should keep you alert.

Sometimes, even a tiny sound or a distant music can distract you from the current conversation. Thus, whenever possible, try to hold the conversation in a quiet place or keep your ears away from any unwanted noise. Hold yourself from judging the other person from half of whatever he said, and jumping into conclusion. That may aggravate you or tend you to be over emotional and you may end up interrupting the speaker. That is a major no-no in any conversation. It also leads to unwanted misunderstanding.

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Activities To Improve Listening Skills




Importance-Of-Active-Listening-Skills      It is only by listening that we absorb in knowledge and understanding. And these two things are very essential for everybody’s daily lives. Thus, all of us need to have good listening skills. But unfortunately, that is not so. This is because most people do not even understand that good listening skills can go a long way in life in more than one ways. More..





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