What Is Listening Skills ?  

Listening is definitely an integral part in communication. Most often we tend to listen to only interesting subjects and that is what we remember. The reason is simple, our mind has perceived what it wants and only focuses on that. Most of the times you may feel that someone is listening to you but in reality that person might just be hearing you. Firstly, understand the difference between hearing and listening. Once, you have understood that life would be simple and interesting.

Practice listening properly and then switch to great communication. The more you listen carefully the better would be the output. It is high time you realize that you are not performing because of inadequate listening skill. Honest and good listeners do listen carefully without losing any moment somewhere else. Good listening begins with interacting with the person eye-to-eye. Any change in the physical body would indicate that the concentration has gone for a toss. Our faces apparently are the best decision makers for others. The way we pay attention is easily understood by the facial expressions.

Eyes are the second most important thing. Our eyes easily show whether we are interested or not. Your face must surely give the right expressions in the form of nods or arguments which will indirectly prove that you have been listening. Our face is the most active information holder and catcher. One will definitely feel tired once the speaker finishes. It is definitely an activity and if you have been actively listening it would indicate that you had been a part of it. Do change the body position in case you are tired of sitting in one way and listen when you feel relaxed.

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What Is Listening Skills ?




Activities-To-Improve-Listening-Skills      Listening is the most important part of a good communication. If one does not listen properly and wholly to what the other person has to say, the conversation would not be successful, per se. But most of us are bad listeners. More..





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