What Is Persuasion ?  

Persuasion can be called as an act to get someone in taking a particular decision or action or in changing his or her belief in something. For instance, the biggest thing for a salesperson would be to sell his things to people. They do not only want the people to decide but also follow their decision and pay up in cash or through credit card or sign up some forms. They not only want the prospective customer to decide, but also follow through their decision to buy their products.

What is important to know is that having someone to decide on something cannot be perceived as persuasion as a whole. People keep making decisions but, they might not follow them all through. So, the true persuasion comes not only from decisions but, getting people to follow their decisions and put their decisions into action.

The other thing that persuasion can be related to is beliefs. While persuading someone at a greater level than just making them to decide and take action, one actually can change a person’s belief in something. Sales people are known to do this most of the times. For instance, in a BMW showroom, an excellent sales person would be able to persuade a prospective customer in believing that BMW outscores Mercedes Benz in terms of its make and overall satisfaction! So, the salesperson does not only persuade the customer in making a decision and following it through but, also change his belief!

Persuasion includes a batch of things like:

1. First level is to get people to make a decision

2. Second level is to make people follow through their decision and put it to action

3. Third level is to alter their beliefs in something.

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What Is Persuasion ?




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