Define Productivity  

How does one define productivity for his business, the productivity of his employees and even himself? What is the meaning of being at maximum productivity? What is the meaning of employee productivity? According to some dictionaries, the word productivity has its origins in Latin and gives the meaning as forward and lead.

A majority of the people get confused between motion and progress and between activity and results. A lot of people spend invaluable resources like time, efforts and money and are busy with lots of activities but, without leading ahead, which would be termed progress otherwise and also without having achieved any product, which would be termed as results otherwise. It is sad that these misinformed people cannot be termed productive even as they might have regarded themselves as being highly productive.

To be known as a high performer or to be maximum productivity wherein productivity would be your partner would take a lot beyond what the majority of the companies or individual would be ready to invest. Firstly, everyone working for your organization need to be excellent leaders, who can put together exceptional skills in self leadership, goal planning and have their attitudes focused to create the results desired.

However, as many people lack the traits of effective leaders, they would not have strong interpersonal skills. Many top companies over the world are now identifying this weakness. The key for this competitive shortcoming is in leadership development with the support of executive and corporate coaching.

For achieving maximum productivity, one must look farther than the conventional solutions and also redefine productivity according to the present global scenario. With such a step in place, you would create the culture for high performance.

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Define Productivity




Elements-Of-Productivity      Productivity metrics is an absolute necessary in every company since it is the way for quantifying the productivity of the employees in the company. Every employee puts his or her contribution in the company, irrespective of their positions. Be it the management team or the Human Resources Department, they do bring in their own contributions to the company. More..





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