Elements Of Productivity  

Productivity metrics is an absolute necessary in every company since it is the way for quantifying the productivity of the employees in the company. Every employee puts his or her contribution in the company, irrespective of their positions. Be it the management team or the Human Resources Department, they do bring in their own contributions to the company.

However, there might be some employees, who may be less productive than the majority of the employees. This is something that can be seen in any company or organization. Hence, it is essential to devise ways for having performance appraisal mechanism in place so as to appreciate the worth and value of every employee in the company. For productivity metrics to be efficient, both subjective and objective research has to be conducted.

For having effective productivity metrics, a number of concepts need to be defined clearly since they are essential for the efficiency of productivity metrics. Here are those concepts:

Metric Name and Its Description – These are essential to identify the thing that needs measuring

Procedure of the Measurement and Its Frequency – These are relevant for the process so as to know how to measure the metric and also how regularly the process would happen.

Estimation of the Threshold – This is relevant to the thresholds, which exists in the overall process and the way they are calculated.

Current Thresholds – They are relevant to the range of normal value, which is presently applied for the metric.

Target Value and Units – Target value refers to the best value possible for the metric, while units refer to the measurements, which would be used to measure the metric.

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Elements Of Productivity




Employee-Productivity-Statistics      Employee productivity is one of the most important characteristics of an employee which gets reflected in their output and is constantly measured by the employers in order to ensure that they are working fine. As far as the employee productivity statistics are concerned, they count upon the wages of all the employees as well as on the overall investments that have been put into the processes such as recruitment, training, and other related stuff. More..





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