Employee Productivity Statistics  

Employee productivity is one of the most important characteristics of an employee which gets reflected in their output and is constantly measured by the employers in order to ensure that they are working fine. As far as the employee productivity statistics are concerned, they count upon the wages of all the employees as well as on the overall investments that have been put into the processes such as recruitment, training, and other related stuff.

Employee productivity is also called labor productivity, and is listed amongst the most commonly measured productivity types by the economists. It may be measured in terms of some process, firm or even a country. Employment productivity statistics are likely to vary depending on the input factors as well as the efficiency regarding the production factors being used. Output given per employee accounts for the average product of employment, it can thus be contrasted in context with the marginal product of employment referring to an increase in the overall output which ultimately results in an increase in the employment input as well.

Employment productivity can either be measured in price terms or the physical terms. However, there are certain factors that may affect the employment productivity as well as the statistics. These would include the physical, location, organic, and the technological factors, cultural beliefs and personal attitudinal factors, behavioral and motivational factors, international influences and various other similar kinds of things that are most likely to impact the statistics in some way or the other.

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Employee Productivity Statistics




Teamwork-And-Productivity      Productivity is one feature that determines whether a company wants a particular employee or not. It further decides the tenure of any employee within a company. Other things like promotions and appraisals too are dependent on productivity of an employee. It is, thus, the basic criterion that decides everything about the employee as in this competitive world, what can help an employee is his or her productivity only. More..





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