Anxiety And Public Speaking  

Any activity can be made better with continuous efforts; this comes true in case of public speaking as well. Anxiety is one of the main factors that prohibit various people from getting involved into public speaking. It is natural to be a little nervous talking in front of huge masses but then there are people who can never think of doing so just because they are full of anxiety when it comes to public speaking.

Anxiety and public speaking are quite interlinked but there are various tips available that if taken care of can help people come out of this vicious circle of anxiety and nervousness that they feel while even thinking of public speaking. Here are a few of them:

  • One must choose a topic of their choice as well as interest. This is something that would make them feel excited about talking over the topic and thus would increase their confidence as well.
  • One of the very important things includes developing familiarity with the venue as this would help a lot. People must thus practice at least once in the same venue before actual presentation.
  • Never ever make it scripted. The speech should rather appear as your own thoughts than appearing as a learnt speech. One must go through the speech thoroughly but then be aware of the pauses and emphasis that needs to be out in certain parts. This makes people interested in the speech.
  • Carry a positive attitude and this is very important in making one come out of their anxiety.
  • Last but not the least, in fact the most important tip includes practicing hard. One needs to practice really hard in order to get it correct at the first go because one would not be provided with another chance.

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Anxiety And Public Speaking




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