How To Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety ?  

There are people who have different fears in their lives but and public speaking fear is one of the most commonly observed one. For such people public speaking seems to be the most difficult task in this world that they think can never be done by them. Anxiety or nervousness is natural, but experiencing such things after a certain limit can be dangerous not only for the professional, but also for the personal growth of such people. Thus, it is very essential that they try and overcome such things.

Given below are a few tips that would prove beneficial in overcoming public speaking anxiety by a very large extent if followed properly:

  • The first thing that can prove helpful includes the fact that one is knowledgeable about their topic. No one would like to listen to a person who himself or herself is ignorant about their topic.
  • The speech must be practiced 5 to 10 times which then depends on the length of the speech. Longer speech would require much more practice. One must stand in front of mirror and then try practicing their speech as this would help them correct themselves very effectively.
  • Recoding the speech and then playing it back would also help them know how they sound and which are the parts that they really need to work upon. By doing so, they can improve their speech significantly.
  • Picking up some familiar topic or topics that one is interested about can help a lot. This ensures that the person is confident as the topic is of their own interest and they know much about it.

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How To Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety ?




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