Time Management In Library  

Time management is often defined as the way of using numerous techniques to enhance an individual’s effectiveness to get all the required things done well within the stipulated time. As time cannot be controlled, time management is all about managing oneself and thus, can be appropriately referred to as ‘self management’.

Be it at home, office, or in the library, time management requires a proper plan and a strong determination to execute that plan. But, a library often presents very unique situations, which are way different from those that you might come across at home or office. This is because of the fact that a library is an institution that is service-oriented, with clients that most often just ‘drop in’. In other words, unlike other businesses, where clients are well scheduled, visitors in a library are unexpected. Owing to this, a librarian might have to face numerous challenges with regard to time management.

For ideal time management in a library, you must be well aware of the most common negative attitudes and time wasters so that you can eliminate them from your routine. The most frequently occurring time wasters in a library environment include an unorganized work space, impractical time estimation, unrealistic targets, inadequate information in library database, inflated ego, inability to say a “no” to the clients when necessary, excessive number of meetings or over-socializing, taking up many tasks at one time, and answering e-mails every time they pop up in the mail box.

Contrary to the common belief, the more you delegate your work to others in the library, the more you are likely to waste time. Besides, do not always adopt a strictly linear approach of doing things exactly one after the other. Keep the schedule flexible and natural. Make sure the targets and priorities are clear to you. A ‘to-do list’ and a clear mission statement for the day will also help you manage time in the library. To conclude, for good time management in library, be proactive, stay aware of time wasters, be kind to the clients, and keep the library database updated.

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Time Management In Library




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