How Does Smoking Damage Your Body ?  

Generally people do not recognize the effects smoking, and the adverse effect is has on the body. Many people, especially youngsters, consider smoking to be a style statement. Smoking has many ill effects on the human body. Smoking can be labeled as a death wish in the worst case scenario.

A single cigarette is considered to contain so many poisonous chemicals that they are sufficient to kill a rat.

People, who do not know what are the most harmful ingredients in a cigarette, here the information. A single cigarette contains nicotine which is a natural poison. Arsenic is another toxic chemical found in cigarettes. Some other chemicals are methane, ammonia, butane, cadmium, formaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide, which is used as a poison in gas chambers. Basically all these chemicals are inhaled into the body when a person smokes, and they damage the body to a very great extent.

Smoking not only damages the lungs and its functions, it is also a major cause of lung cancer. Besides lung cancer, excessive smoking can also lead to emphysema and/or chronic bronchitis. Smoking can affect the heart adversely leading to a number of cardiovascular diseases.  Smoking also is known to lead to high blood pressure.

Basically some unknown attraction has made smoking very popular. The bottom line is that cigarette smoking is an addiction, and many people are unaware how it can damage and destroy the body. The ones who know the ill-effects of smoking prefer not to think about them as they feel that they are immune to them.

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How Does Smoking Damage Your Body




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How Does Smoking Damage Your Body ? )
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