How Does Smoking Effect The Environment ?  

People think smoking cigarette is a style statement. Many of them have made a habit out of smoking just for the sake of fashion on the basis of their beliefs. Many smokers enjoy this addiction without realizing that smoking is harmful not only to them, but also to people around inhaling the second-hand smoke.

In addition, smoking affects the environment. Surprised? Well, this is something that most people do not pay attention to. Smoking causes both air and ground pollution.

The people who smoke have a misconception that just a little bit of smoke in the environment cannot cause any form of pollution. However, they forget that there are millions of smokers around the world who generate a lot of smoke right through the day. Although trees are meant to help clean the air of pollutants, somehow the few trees left in the world seem unable to cope with the vast generation of cigarette smoke.

In addition, the cigarette butts that are discarded tend to find their way in different water sources like rivers and lakes. Here these butts are mistakenly consumed by certain marine life that is adversely affected by them.

Therefore, one can say that smoking causes all round damage. It poses a health risk to those who smoke, it pollutes the air and water sources, and it is extremely harmful to marine life. The ill-effects of smoking are just not limited to humans; every living being that comes in touch with cigarette or cigarette smoke, including the delicate ecological balance, is adversely affected.

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How Does Smoking Effect The Environment




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How Does Smoking Effect The Environment ? )
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