How Can Smoking Destroy Your Lungs ?  

How Can Smoking Destroy Your Lungs

Cigarette smoking is one of the leading causes of death all over the world. Cigarette directly is an open route to many diseases, which ultimately lead to death. Smoking is termed as slow death. Cigarette contains tobacco which is extremely injurious to health. Smoking is not only injurious to the health of the smoker but also to those who inhale the second hand smoke.More...


How Does Smoking Effect You ?

How Does Smoking Effect You

A person who is standing near a smoker thinking that the smoker is ruining his life should think again. More than the smoker, the person inhaling the second had smoke are endangering themselves. In fact, he is being exposed to major health problems and risks just by being in the vicinity of the smoker. The person is putting himself at a high risk of contracting diseases like lung cancer, emphysema or chronic bronchitis.More...



Health Effects Of Smoking Cigarettes

Health Effects Of Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking takes thousands of lives each year, and yet chain smokers tend to grow in numbers. The deaths are caused due to many kinds to diseases caused by smoking and the various ingredients present in the cigarette tobacco. One of the most dreaded diseases that smokers get is lung cancer. However, smoking cigarettes can also lead to throat and mouth cancers.More...


How Does Smoking Damage Your Body ?

How Does Smoking Damage Your Body

Generally people do not recognize the effects smoking, and the adverse effect is has on the body. Many people, especially youngsters, consider smoking to be a style statement. Smoking has many ill effects on the human body. Smoking can be labeled as a death wish in the worst case scenario.More...


Reasons Why Smoking Is Bad

Reasons Why Smoking Is Bad

Although smoking is considered bad for the health, many people actually wonder what is the big deal about it. There are many reasons why smoking is bad for a person. One of the main reasons is that a smoker is at risk of getting lung cancer.More...


What Poisons Are In Cigarettes ?

What Poisons Are In Cigarettes

There are many different types of chemicals in cigarettes, and many of them are toxic and poisonous to the human body. However, people who smoke are mostly oblivious to this fact. For them, smoking is a form of entertainment, relaxant and/or addiction. They rather smoke than understand and realize the ill-effects of smoking.More...


Why Does Smoking Cause A Rise In Blood Pressure ?

Why Does Smoking Cause A Rise In Blood Pressure

Cigarettes contain many harmful chemical compounds that can wreak havoc in the body. The most threatened organs in the body on account of cigarette smoking are the heart and lungs. These are the two organs that are affected first.More...





How-Does-Smoking-Effect-The-Environment      People think smoking cigarette is a style statement. Many of them have made a habit out of smoking just for the sake of fashion on the basis of their beliefs. Many smokers enjoy this addiction without realizing that smoking is harmful not only to them, but also to people around inhaling the second-hand smoke. More..





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