Statues Of Limitations On Child Support  

Child support has to be paid by the non custodial parent or the parents until the child turns 18 years old in most states. However, you should check the age of majority in your state of residence to be sure. Child support also has limitations just like any other law. The civil code reference will have detailed notes about the child support payments. Also, in some states if the child leaves the household, then you need not pay child support.

There are statutes of limitations on establishing paternity based on which the judgment can be renewed for child support. However, any changes that you intend to make on child support payments should be done legally.

Every state has its own rules for governing child support. It is also very situational and circumstantial. As the circumstances alterations can be made, and there are provisions for that legally. There are some federal laws also influencing the child support policies. Different statutes apply. Like in the State of Michigan the statute of limitation for the last child support obligation is 10 years past the last child support which was due. If the child was six years old when one parent stopped paying, the due can be collected when the child is even 28 years old.

Such statutes make it impossible for parents to escape child support obligation. The court sees child support payments as a responsibility and not as an obligation or liability. You can visit the court website and check what the child support statutes are for your state.

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Statues Of Limitations On Child Support




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