Split Versus Shared Parenting  

Split custody is applicable to couples who have more than one child. Sometimes parents decide that each will have one child each. For example, if a couple has a boy and a girl, then typically the boy would go with the dad and the girl with the mom. However, there is no rule set by law that this has to be done in this order only.

Courts do not really approve such arrangements, and actually present several alternatives before approving it. There are two kinds of unfairness here. One is denying the children access to both the parents, and the other is separating the siblings.

Shared parenting applies to couples who have children. It refers to the parenting schedule more than the type of parenting. Shared parenting is the best option for children because they get to spend time with both the parents everyday without having to split their time. Either the children spend half of the week with one parent, and the other half with the other parent, or they spend one whole week in that fashion. In case it is not possible for one parent to put them up residentially, then under shared parenting one parent is made the physical custodian and the other will be non custodial parent. Non custodial parent gets to spend more time with the children by caring for them and taking care of them. The custodian parent can keep the children in her or his own house.

These are the basic differences between split custody and shared custody.

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Split Versus Shared Parenting




What-Is-Shared-Parenting      Shared parenting means having joint physical custody of the children after a divorce. The child gets to spend equal time with both the parents, and this time spent may be divided by the court. Under shared parenting, the children get to stay in either parent's house. The number of days may be split within a week or a month. However, shared parenting is approved in fewer states than you can imagine. More..




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