Teenage Father Statistics  

Statistics show that teenagers, who are fathers and live with their mates, are very poor at their academics. The reasons are obvious, and also they do not make any progress in their lives. Teenage fathers are more likely to become alcoholics by middle age, and also have difficulty sticking to any job.

There are movies and documentaries that show teenage fathers trying to raise their children and doing a good job of it. However, such documentaries are one odd case, and the reality is far from it. Teenagers, who are fathers, have to make one of the biggest and most difficult decisions of their lives, and that is to stick to their career or give it up. If their partner decides to keep the baby, then the father has to stick with the decision.

Statistics also show that in the United States 90 percent of the teenage fathers are not married to their partners. In some cases, girls get pregnant much before the legal marriageable age.

Most teenage fathers quit studying and resign to jobs in fast food joints or lower rung jobs in gas stations as they do not have the educational qualifications for a better job. Typically, they would take up such jobs for the summer. However, for a teenage father this becomes a permanent situation, and their studies take a back seat. Professionally, they are forced to limit themselves to lower rung jobs in most cases. This ends up limiting their future prospects.  

Statistics show that most number of teenage fathers lack proper advice, and child counseling centers are not able to reach out to them. If there is a strong force that can advice them about the big picture, they will perhaps make better choices for themselves.

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Teenage Father Statistics




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