Peer Pressure And Academic  

Negative peer pressure clearly has negative impact on the academics. Children who give into peer pressure show disinterest in academics, and they usually show low grades on their performance report. However, the child may be very intelligent otherwise and it is just due to the lack of interest. Some children deliberately do not study well even if they can because they are scared that they will not fit in with the rest.

They associate being good in academics as being losers or are afraid of being labeled as a nerd. That is because the biggest of accomplishments are not given enough credit and are taken for granted by parents, educators and the whole system. If a child studies well, they are not appreciated. If a child does not study well also, they are not condemned. If both the cases show no reactions, then it is confusing for the child to differentiate which is good for them.

In order to be give academics importance, everyone has to learn to appreciate children who are good at it. This is something the American schooling system has to learn from other countries. As a child grows older, they have to make more complicated decisions academically. Giving in to peer pressure will only take them down the wrong road.

Children have to be taught at home and school to give importance to their academic career and learn what is best for them. Never encourage children by taking other kids examples or criticize them using comparison. Criticize your children for what they lack and not for what another child has.

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Peer Pressure And Academic




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