Peer Pressure And The Media  

Of late, researches indicate that peer pressure among teenagers and media are all interlinked and one fuels the other. It is a complicated relationship to understand, but nevertheless they are interrelated. Do you find impulsive, reckless and violent behavior more often in teens? If the answer is yes, then it is due to peer pressure.

Teens behave so that they win the agreement and praise from their friends. They learn that behavior from media exposure and watching too much television. These days no one wants to be the kid-next-door kind of person. All teens want to be heroic and someone important. They want a lot of attention even if it is negative. They are so violent that they do not care about the consequences or have no fear for it. They are always indulging in violent computer games, television shows and movies.

Kids are growing up with the idea that in order to resolve a conflict, they must fight it out. They also believe that their peers would do the same and would want them to do the same. It is a complicated web of thinking patterns where children are putting other children's opinions first. Television is a huge culprit in promoting this kind of behavior. Teenagers find violence entertaining because they are constantly exposed to it. There are so many reality shows, news channels, sports channels and cartoons that exhibit violence continually. The combination of peer pressure and violent media are jointly proving to be a disaster on children’s psyche.

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Peer Pressure And The Media




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