Personalities Of The 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals

Personalities Of The 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals

The Chinese zodiac contains 12 symbols, each associated with an animal. Depending upon the year of birth, every person is associated with a zodiac sign and based on that, the personality of the individual is predicted.

Some of the positive and negative traits of each of the 12 zodiac signs in Chinese astrology are mentioned below:

Personalities Of The 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals:

Positive traits - Hardworking, sensitive, sociable, shrewd, artistic
Negative traits - Intolerant, over-ambitious, manipulative, selfish, ruthless

Positive traits - Methodical, patient, trustworthy, modest, hardworking
Negative traits - Conventional in thinking, demanding, stubborn, materialistic

Positive traits - Powerful, sincere, courageous, vigorous, affectionate
Negative traits - Unstable and inconsistent, short-tempered, selfish, restless, aggressive

Positive traits - Sensitive, flexible and amiable, artistic, kind, compassionate
Negative traits - Detached, stubborn, moody, opportunistic

Positive traits - Noble, frank, zealous, dignified, intellectual, loyal
Negative traits - Arrogant, intolerant, brash, demanding

Positive traits - Soft-spoken, creative, responsible, wise, strong, calm
Negative traits - Possessive, cold, distrustful, self-doubt

Positive traits - Popular, intelligent, open-minded, flexible, cheerful, witty
Negative traits - Gullible, arrogant, fickle, rude

Positive traits - Sincere, sympathetic, gentle, determined, creative, righteous
Negative traits - Passive, indecisive, weak, pessimistic

Positive traits - Motivator, witty, innovative, sociable, inventive, polite
Negative traits - Selfish, snobbish, suspicious, jealous, manipulative

Positive traits - Meticulous, self-assured, neat, alert, practical, responsible
Negative traits - Critical, opinionated, egoistic

Positive traits - Intelligent, loyal, frank, honest, amicable, sociable
Negative traits - Lazy, judgmental, quarrelsome, pessimistic, cynical, adamant

Positive traits - Sociable, honest, peace-loving, hardworking, calm, thoughtful
Negative traits - Materialistic, over-reliant, gullible

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Personalities Of The 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals