Where Did The Chinese Zodiac Originate From

Where Did The Chinese Zodiac Originate From ?

The Chinese zodiac system is believed to originate before thousands of years, even before the Western astrological belief.

It is based on lunar cycle of 12 years. There are 12 zodiac signs, each associated with an animal. People born in a particular year are associated with a zodiac symbol and based on this, certain personality characteristics are predicted.According to a legend, Buddha chose these zodiac signs while he was nearing his last breath. He invited the animals to pay a visit to him and finally, only 12 of them made it. These 12 animals form the 12 zodiac symbols of the Chinese astrology.

In another belief, it was assumed that our ancestors used 10 celestial systems to count years and this consisted of 12 terrestrial branches. Since people found it difficult to keep track and calculate the year, they symbolized each of the branches with an animal of the current Chinese zodiac system.

The Chinese zodiac wheel is also used to predict compatibility between two signs. Evenly spaced triplets are believed to be the most compatible and the symbols that face opposite to each other in the zodiac circle are supposed to be least compatible with each other.

In addition to the birth year, the Chinese scholars also believe that the characteristics of a person not only depend on the year of birth but also on the time and day when the person was born. This forms a part of the larger zodiac predictions and hence, you may find people with completely incompatible signs living a successful relationship whereas people with the most compatible signs do not get along with each other.

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Where Did The Chinese Zodiac Originate From