Dog And Rabbit Compatibility In Chinese Horoscope  

People born under the year of the rabbit are very compassionate people. They will have tears ready for others. They are also very sensitive and can be hurt easily. Also, when others are having a tough time, they can comfort them well and make sure that they have a smile on their face at the end of the day.

While being so sentimental, the rabbits are very realistic at the end of the day. They are not really the adventure types and will not venture into unknown territories. They feel safest in their homes. The dog is also extremely emotional person and they are very loyal. However, they can be very moody and not very fun loving. As a partnership, the dog and rabbit have several qualities going for them, but being moody both may not be very satisfied with their relationship.

The dog and the rabbit can sulk together or be happy together. The rabbit’s best partner is the sheep and the dog’s best partner is the horse or the pig. However, if fate brings together a dog and rabbit, there is no harm either. They can still have a rewarding relationship. The dog has a habit of hurting and if they ever hurt a rabbit then she or he will run away. Rabbits cannot stand to be hurt and especially not by the person that they love. Also, rabbits are not very good with criticisms. The dog does not criticize and is very faithful to the partner and their feelings. However, they should learn to respect each others spaces or else they could share an extremely emotionally stifling relationship.

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Dog And Rabbit Compatibility In Chinese Horoscope




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Dog And Rabbit Compatibility In Chinese Horoscope )
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