Compatibility Of Ox And Dragon  

The dragon is a mythical creature and legendary. People say that the dragon is the most powerful Chinese zodiac sign. There are several good and bad qualities of the dragon but all of them are very strong. The ox, on the other hand, is mild creature. It is very strong physically, but mentally weak creature and no match to the dragon’s tact.

The ox is a very hardworking personality, and they can do all the manual labor required. The dragon will ate complete advantage as they do not like to put in effort. Also, the dragon has the quality of working less and achieving more. Such is not the case with the ox. However, if the dragon learns to appreciate the ox’s hardworking nature, they will share a more rewarding relationship in the end. They also a have a successful partnership if they learn to do that.

The ox is very truthful and sensitive. The dragon will appreciate the truthfulness as they like their partners to be sincere. However, the dragons are poor with understanding sensitivity as they have a sharp tongue. They can easily hurt the ox’s mild heart. He dragon is a free spirit and the pox is a committed personality. The ox is very sensitive and emotionally dependant. The dragon sometimes likes to be left alone and they are too very good at sharing their thoughts. The ox should understand this and stop being clingy. The dragons are so work oriented that using their smartness they can get to the top very easily. The ox will work very hard for the same. In career, both are set to be achievers.

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Compatibility Of Ox And Dragon




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