When Is The Year Of The Rabbit ?

When Is The Year Of The Rabbit ?

The year of the rabbit according to the Chinese astrology is a placid year. For example the year of the tiger is considered to be very ferocious. However the rabbit by nature is a very calm and peaceful animal. Even the year of the rabbit signifies and enhances the qualities of the rabbit. Also, people born under the year of the rabbit are considered very fortunate and lucky.

It is a year in which relationships will improve and also international relations and diplomacy will prosper. It is good for one and all. Everyone would like to know they would fare in rabbit year or the year of the specific Chinese zodiac sign. Every year is ruled by the animal’s qualities and luck. Since a rabbit year brings in luck and prosperity, one can bound to get indulgent and over confident. Also, the influence of the rabbit year can actually spoil a person and take away their sense of duty.

The year of the rabbit is good for finances and one can do well. However, as they say money is the source of all evil, it can also bring in evil things at the same time. The people born in the rabbit year are considered to be one of the most fortunate signs of all the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac. Also, the rabbit, according to the Chinese mythology, is a symbol of longevity. On the health front, people can expect to enjoy good health and prosperity. To put in a nut shell, the year of the rabbit brings in health, wealth and prosperity and that’s exactly most of use needs to do well in life.

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When Is The Year Of The Rabbit