Rat And Snake Compatibility  

Just like the rat and snake do not get along with each other in the natural environment even as people under the Chinese zodiac sign they do not have much in common. However, it does not mean that people born in a certain year will have the same characteristics as the animal. It is just a form of representation to use animal signs.

The rat is a very friendly personality and sociable also. When it comes to the snake, they can be quite reflective by nature. Both have an extremely sharp mind and are very clever. The rat is a rest les person and they do not like to waste time by just relaxing. They have to be doing something useful. Also, the rat is very committed in relationships and expects the same from their partners. In addition, they want their partners to commit into a relationship soon. The snake is not someone who would commit easily. So this is where the rat will find it difficult to get along with the snake because the rat expects a commitment and the snake is not ready. The truth is that the snake is never ready.

The Chinese believe that it is a great honor to be born in the year of the rat. The people born under the rat year have a good sense of vision. They are good at predicting problems and also sort it out before it actually sets in. the snake is not very good with dealing with problems. They will actually run away and let the problem be. So, when the rat and snake have problems with each other, the rat will be the one to always sort it out.

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Rat And Snake Compatibility




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