Year Of The Rat Characteristics  

People who are born in the year of the rat have several talents. The year of the rat is considered very lucky and honorable according to Chinese mythology. People born under this year can be very fortunate in their life. The rats have an uncanny sense of predicting problems, and also they are extremely good problem solvers.

They have great analytical skills and they willingly help others with their skills. The rats are career oriented and work systematically towards it. The rats come across as calm and perceptive people. However, at the same time the rats can be very selfish, and calculating by nature. When they do something for someone they also expect something in return. Several people dislike this quality among rats.

However according to Chinese zodiac having a rat friend is considered honorable and lucky as they are bound to take care of you. The rats are very intellectual and they have solution for every strife in life. Also, they are likely to survive any condition. They are pretty restless sand do not like to waste time. The rats need constant stimulation, both mental and physical. The rats are also very curios creatures and they have vivid imagination which goes along with the curiosity of their nature. The rats are very sharp and cannot be fooled by anyone. Even they do not like to fool anyone. However, they also have a sharp tongue that can hurt others. They may say something suddenly which can be hurtful, but many times they do not actually mean to hurt others.

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Year Of The Rat Characteristics




Year-Of-The-Rat-Symbol      The recent year of the rat was 2008 and the next one is bound to come in 2020. The rat years comes once in every 12 years just like any other Chinese zodiac sign. The symbol of the year of the art is the rat animal according to the Chinese. According to mythology, people born under the year of the rat are honorable, and one should consider themselves very lucky to be a rat. More..




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Year Of The Rat Characteristics )
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