Rooster Zodiac Characteristics  

The roosters are considered extremely loyal people and they are honest. They hate mockery and dishonesty, they do not like to be teased or made fun of and they also never do it to others. This is the only place they can get hurt that is when someone makes fun of them or cracks a joke about them. It is their ego that gets hurt.

The roosters are highly egoistic and have a high opinion about them. They are extroverts and flamboyant people. They can go on talking about their greatness endlessly. However, the roosters are reliable at the same time. They can achieve several tasks and are considered very efficient. The roosters are very blunt in their speech and they speak their mind out easily. Whatever they say, they do it upfront without thinking twice. Also, roosters love people and the attention they get.

Roosters do not like lazy people and as task masters them they like to see efficiency amongst others. They have a great intellect and can make keen observations. Whatever they do, they do it to perfection and also have a great attention to detail in their work. Seldom can people find fault with the rooster. However, their behavior sometimes may not be appreciated by everyone and their flamboyance is not well digested by others. It can be boring at times. Their ego sometimes hampers their decision making skills. The roosters are sometimes indecisive. They do not necessary like the limelight, but like to feel important in general.

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Rooster Zodiac Characteristics




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