Rooster And Snake Compatibility  

An ancient Chinese proverb says that when you find a snake in the house your children will not starve. It is actually considered as a good omen to see a snake in the house. The snake is a good creature according to the Chinese zodiacs and there is nothing to be ashamed of to be born under the year of the snake. The people born under this sign have several good qualities.

The snake, according it the Chinese horoscope, is very adjusting and sacrificing personality. They are also very forgiving. They however are very keen and cunning along with being intelligent and wise. Their wisdom helps them to make their right decisions always. The snake can talk very well because of their wisdom and can be great mediators to people who have problems. They make excellent counselors. Given all this, the snake is also very materialistic.

The rooster on the other hand is a very flamboyant creature who likes to show off. Some of the top qualities of the rooster are that they are very reliable and honest in nature. For a snake honesty and reliability dos not matter as they are very wise. They see through the roosters show off nature and end up acting according to it.

The rooster and the snake will get along very well. However, the snake will control the rooster with its tact and the rooster will end up thinking that the snake is listening to it. The dynamics of the relationship work very well for both of them. There are bound to be a very few problems and those too has to be from the roosters end. The upfront nature of the rooster could cause some problems with the snake. However, the snake being a mature personality can forgive the roosters harmless statements without misunderstanding.

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Rooster And Snake Compatibility




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