Snake And Dragon Compatibility  

The snake and the dragon have completely different personalities according to the Chinese zodiac signs. The snakes personality is completely and exactly opposite to the dragon. However, the saying goes that opposites always attract which is true to a large extent. The dragon is a very enterprising person and ultra confident. They live by their own rules, and do not like to be confined to one place or listen to others. In short, they do not make very good marriage material.

They can be tactless and very brave. The dragon does everything with great passion and interest, however they can lose their interest quickly and they do not follow through with things that they start. They have a foul temper and lose it very soon.

The snake is very tactful and intelligent. The snake has a great amount of wisdom and they are very adjusting. They can sacrifice anything if the end result is good for them. The snake with the help of its wisdom will handle the dragon well. The snake will also find ways to calm down the dragons temper as they are very tricky. The snake will just think hat has to be done and they do not have a big ego. The snake has a lot of patience and sees that the tasks are done. One common quality that the snake and the dragon share is their pride. They both take great pride in whatever they do. They can together make a great pair because of their contrasting personality traits.

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Snake And Dragon Compatibility




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