Dream Interpretation Dictionary

Dream Interpretation Dictionary

The mysterious world of dreams has fascinated many. Scholars, scientists and psychologists give different interpretation of various symbols that appear while dreaming

. Many of these intellectuals believe that symbols indicate the present mental state of a future event. In some cases, the individuals who dream of some symbols are advised to sit back and analyze what is currently disturbing or influencing them in their daily life.For some scientists dreams are a manifestation of unfulfilled desires. Others believe that deeply hidden secrets are revealed through dreams. There are even religious interpretations about dreams which are widely popular in many parts of the world.

Many websites offer interesting interpretations of some common symbols that occur during the dreams. However, you cannot take these symbols individually to interpret. The dreamer should know the background in which the dream has manifested as well as his interaction with the different symbols, his action and reaction to the environment in which he is dreaming.

For example, the symbols of a bee can be seen as a bee hive, bee sting or a honey comb and each of these are believed to have different interpretations. While bee hive indicates progress, bee sting indicates pain.

You can visit the dream interpretation websites online to gather more details about these symbols. Search for online dictionaries that give the meanings of dreams. You can also read the book by Sigmund Freud entitled The Interpretation of Dreams.

There are dream interpretation dictionaries avail online that are good resources on how to read and interpret dreams. You can use these dictionaries to help you find the meanings of your dreams.

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Dream Interpretation Dictionary