History Of Dream Catchers  

Dream catcher is a part of the rich cultural heritage of the Indian American Ojibwa (Chippewa) tribe. Native Americans have always believed that dreams have a lot of mysteries hidden in them. They think that the air in the night is rich with good dreams and bad dreams.More...

What Is A Dream ?

What Is A Dream

Many people have tried to find out What Is A Dream ? but it was only at the end of the last century that the real meaning of the mysterious dream language could be discovered. Dream language can be understood by all human beings irrespective of the language they speak in their native country. This language is a series of images and scenes which have the same meaning for people belonging to different civilizations.More...


How To Control Your Dreams ?

How To Control Your Dreams

A lot of people complain that they lose their sleep frequently due to nightmares. They always are on the prowl to find out some technique with which they can control their dreams. There are indeed some ways with which one can exercise control over what he or she dreams. Whatever a person visualizes while sleeping is not meant to distract him during his sleep, but these are clues about the information that the brain is trying to process.More...


Dream Signs And Symbols

Dream Signs And Symbols

The universe is always trying to tell us something thorough our dreams but only a few of us can identify its signs and symbols. They are not very easy to understand. They are bizarre and strange as they follow a logic which is completely opposite to which we are used to applying in our daily life. The signs and symbols in them are complex but are nothing short of amazing.More...


Types Of Dreams What They Mean

Types Of Dreams What They Mean

The interpretation of dreams should never be done based on an individual’s opinion. A proper study of dream language is required before a person is ready to understand the messages shown in the dreams. There are mainly three types of dreams:More...


Meanings Of Dreams

Meanings Of Dreams

The unconscious mind is the place where dreams originate. By understanding the meaning of dreams, a person can decipher the messages that the unconscious mind is sending, and he can find the answer to all his questions.More...


Why Do People Dream?

Why Do People

Dreams help in maintaining the equilibrium between the conscious and the sub conscious mind. Our body works like a machine with each part having a particular function to perform. It is the job of our brain to arrange and analyze all information received during the day.More...


What Do Certain Dreams Mean ?

What Do Certain Dreams Mean

Dreams are the vehicle with which our souls communicate with us. The occurrence of a particular type of dream has a unique reason behind it. They can have a healing and inspiring effect on us. Below the meaning of certain dreams has been discussed and how they can be used for our benefit.More...





Dream Interpretation :

Why-Do-We-Have-Bad-Dreams      We all have seen bad dreams more often called nightmares which fill us with the emotions of fear, anxiety and sadness. A person always finds himself in some precarious situation like drowning, appearance of scary animals like snakes, haunted houses or even dead people in such dreams. These nightmares can be so scary at times that they continue to frighten us long after we have woken up. They can also be so mild that we might not even remember them once we wake up. More..




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