Dream Signs And Symbols

Dream Signs And Symbols

The universe is always trying to tell us something thorough our dreams but only a few of us can identify its signs and symbols. They are not very easy to understand. They are bizarre and strange as they follow a logic which is completely opposite to which we are used to applying in our daily life. The signs and symbols in them are complex but are nothing short of amazing.

It is through our dreams that the soul is able to communicate with us. Signs give us important information both about our present as well as our future. They tell us what is happening in and around us. A person can call for signs by making a sincere prayer to the Almighty. Even our dead relatives who are concerned about our well being may try to communicate with us in this way. Many people would have heard the stories of dead parents coming in the dreams of their children to warn them about any forthcoming danger in their life. Some of the common symbols include the appearance of:

The Spider: It signals that danger is around the corner. If preventive steps are not taken consequences can be very ugly.

Flying in the Air: It means that the person has lost contact with reality. Such people can easily be fooled by others.

Falling: It is a sign that this person is going to face deception of the worse kind and in the process lose everything he has.

People who are able to understand these signs and symbols can expect to lead a comparatively better life than those who do not. Our life and spirit speak to us in numerous ways. It is up to us to unlock our minds and become aware of them.

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Dream Signs And Symbols