What Is A Dream ?

What Is A Dream ?

Many people have tried to find out What Is A Dream ? but it was only at the end of the last century that the real meaning of the mysterious dream language could be discovered. Dream language can be understood by all human beings irrespective of the language they speak in their native country. This language is a series of images and scenes which have the same meaning for people belonging to different civilizations.

An individual will have to study it thoroughly in order to decipher the messages in his dreams without altering the real and actual meaning. The unconscious mind has to send us guidance messages through our dreams to protect us from the anti conscious. We are unable to interpret these messages but we can understand the symbols in them. These symbols guide us in our day to day life.

The other reason for the unconscious mind to use the sign language is the presence of our ego. It does not allow us to accept our mistakes by stopping us from looking at the truth. Besides a single image can tell a story which sometimes a thousand words are unable to tell. Understanding the dream language will help a person in his spiritual development. It would help in creating greater awareness in him about his inner self. The interpretation of an individual’s dreams will help him in realizing the truth. This would help him in acting sensibly in all situations which would in turn help him feel fulfilled and happy.

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What Is A Dream