Why Do People Dream ?

Why Do People Dream ?

Dreams help in maintaining the equilibrium between the conscious and the sub conscious mind. Our body works like a machine with each part having a particular function to perform. It is the job of our brain to arrange and analyze all information received during the day.

As we sleep, our mind continues to work and send signals that we consciously are not aware of. These signals are the dreams we see. Our brain receives much more information than our conscious mind can store. Due to this, our unconscious mind stores away all the excess information in our unconscious mind like bird chirping, dog barking and noises heard during the day so that we can concentrate on the more important details of the day.

When we go to sleep our conscious mind relaxes and all the information stored during the day rises up for examination by the brain. It can also contain information which we do not want to deal with. For example, people who have faced something traumatic in their lives, try to bury those dreaded feelings deep inside their subconscious so that they do not have to relive the whole experience again. Dreams are directly related to what is happening in our minds when we are asleep.

In most cases, people who have a lot going on in their lives dream a lot and the mantra is to resolve all the pending issues in their lives. It is amazing to see that dreams have so much power and meanings hidden in them.

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Why Do People Dream