Why Do We Have Bad Dreams ?

Why Do We Have Bad Dreams ?

We all have seen bad dreams more often called nightmares which fill us with the emotions of fear, anxiety and sadness. A person always finds himself in some precarious situation like drowning, appearance of scary animals like snakes, haunted houses or even dead people in such dreams. These nightmares can be so scary at times that they continue to frighten us long after we have woken up. They can also be so mild that we might not even remember them once we wake up.

There are a variety of reasons; both physical and psychological due to which bad dreams occur. For instance, when a person is sleeping in a tight place or he has covered his face with a sheet or a pillow can lead to dreams with drowning as its premise. Nightmares can also be caused by eating just before going to sleep.

Stress is another important reason due to which nightmares occur. Dreams creating a feeling of failure or being punished for the fault of others are signs of anxiety caused by the high levels of stress in our life. Sometimes people try to block the memories of some traumatic experience they had from the conscious memory. Since these memories are always present in the subconscious, they can easily become the reason for their nightmares.

Taking a peaceful bath before going to sleep can help in clearing stress encountered during the day. Bad dreams can also be prevented by sleeping in a relaxing atmosphere to prevent stress from entering our sleep. A person who is unable to get adequate amount of sleep, thereby affecting his daily functions, should immediately consult a doctor for treatment.

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Why Do We Have Bad Dreams