Dream Symbol Meaning

Dream Symbol Meaning

Our subconscious mind is an amazing system of producing dreams. The rationale behind this is that the subconscious mind wants to keep our mind, body and spirit in equilibrium. If we do not receive the message the first time, it will replay the same images over and over again. Comprehending the meaning of symbols appearing in dreams can help in improving our lives in many ways.

Symbols can be understood in more than one way. They can be interpreted directly as they appear in the dream or indirectly like a coded message. While interpreting them, all the people, object and actions should be thoroughly examined in both direct and indirect ways till every piece fits together. Some of the dream symbols have been discussed below.

Baby: It signifies that new beginnings in life will be made.

Butterfly: It indicates the transformation a person goes through for becoming a better individual.

Angel: Its appearance symbolizes that help is around the corner, we just need to ask for it.

House: The different rooms in the house represent different aspects of our life.

Gate: An open gate or a gate which opens up easily signifies moving into a new area of life. A closed gate means we are trying to access information which is not accessible to us.

Pregnancy: Depending on their context, such dreams can be prophetic or could be the sign of new things coming up in life.

Tables: The articles placed on the table represent the various things that are on offer in our life.

Rainbow: Its appearance means that our inner self is trying to tell us that we should look at the good things in our life and ignoring pessimism around it.

There are many more symbols which if interpreted correctly, can help an individual in leading a better life.

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Dream Symbol Meaning