Meaning Dream Dictionary

Meaning Dream Dictionary

Dreams help in connecting our subconscious mind with the conscious mind. They are an incredible medium used by our inner self to guide us in our day to day life but interpreting the symbols in them is not everyone’s cup of tea. This is where a person can take the help of a dream dictionary. Even if a particular word is not found, for instance beer, a more general word like alcohol can be used which would give some general but helpful suggestions for interpretation.

Some of the dream symbols which can be easily found in most dream dictionaries include:

Birds: Depending on the type of birds, they bring good or bad news. Large birds are a symbol of freedom.

Automobiles: Dreams about automobiles are very common and they can have numerous meanings. It depends on certain factors like whether the journey is pleasant or not or who is the person driving. If the car breaks down it indicates that we have placed our trust in the wrong person. A car can also show us in which direction our life should be moving.

Death: Dreams about death have different meanings in different situations. When elderly people see them, it means they should be prepared for their end. However, if death dreams come without their dreaded feelings, it may indicate that a recovery or a rebirth is going to occur in our life.

Falling: These dreams show that a person has a lot of insecurities in his life. Such dreams are very common nowadays because of the highly stressful lives we lead.

Bicycle: This article indicates that a person will not be alone in his journey through life. He would always have the support of a beloved.

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Meaning Dream Dictionary