What Does It Mean To Dream About Cats ?  

Animals in dreams are actually a reflection of your personality, especially the way you deal with the various situations in your life. The significance of a cat showing up in a dream can only be evaluated, in context with the entire dream sequence. The condition of the cat in the dream reveals your real state in life.

Seeing a helpless and ill cat indicates that you are not handling your life circumstances in the proper way and are probably being taken for granted by others. In contrast to this, when a majestic and brawny cat comes in your dreams, this could either mean that you are handling things around you with wisdom and optimism or it could be a sign for you to develop these qualities in order to emerge as a winner in life. A small cat signifies an immature and naïve attitude in life. Such people might presume that they are smart but in reality are not truly smart enough.

The appearance of several cats in one’s dream is a sign of warning for the dreamer. Such a dream may be an effort of the subconscious mind to apprise the individual with the present circumstances, wherein he or she is being duped by many people around, all due to his or her own wrong judgments in life. The dreamer certainly needs to make alterations in his or her personality and attitude towards life so that people are no longer able to take him or her for a ride. The vision of a dead cat indicates that the individual feels humiliated and degraded by people.

Cats often appear in the dreams of mentally imbalanced people. This is an indication of the fact that such individuals are far away from the truths of life and their attitude towards themselves is only causing them more harm.

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What Does It Mean To Dream About Cats




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