What Is The Ego

What Is The Ego ?

Ego has originated from the Latin vocabulary. It actually means ‘the self’. It has been defined as ‘sense of the self ‘in the American Heritage Dictionary. Ego is that component of our mind that remains in contact simultaneously with the inner and the outer consciousness.

It is this ego which guides our thoughts and actions to accomplish our desires. Ego can also be sometimes referred to as a sense of pride or the self-esteem. It forms the bridge between the person and the remaining world. Ego makes the outer world realize where you stand and who you are.

Relationships are not always balanced. Women who undervalue themselves and possess low self worth are highly humble. Egotism, on the other hand, portrays a sense of self esteem which is exaggerated and out of proportion. There lies a difference between egotism and healthy pride. Mostly people who have too much ego actually lack self esteem and are always insecure. The exaggerated self-worth that they portray is in reality an underdeveloped self-esteem. They tend to cut off themselves from the world because they realize their incompetence and hence, in order to make their presence feel to the outer world they pretend to be stronger by pumping themselves up.

There are certain groups and association which help in tearing oneself away from the ego. For instance, when you join the army or a convent a distinct image is imposed upon you. You need to carry yourself with this image; thereby, separating you from your original self image. This gives rise to an altogether new self. This process is known as ego denigration. People who are addicted to alcohol and drugs or those who are dependent on various other external addictions are also treated with this method, in order to get rid of the destructive old self image.

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What Is The Ego