How Did Sigmund Freud Die

How Did Sigmund Freud Die ?

The son of a wool merchant, Sigmund Freud had an intellectual mind and excellent sense of humor. He belonged to a small town Freiberg situated in Moravia. Sigmund’s mother was the second wife of his father and almost twenty years younger to him. She gave birth to her first son, Sigmund on May 6, 1856.

The family shifted to Vienna when Sigmund was around five years old. Ever since, Sigmund spent most of his life time there. Sigmund was a brilliant student since childhood. He landed in a medical school, which was rated as the best professional option in those days, for bright Jewish boys in Vienna.

Sigmund was introduced to research by his physiology professor, Ernst Brucke. Impressed by his research work in neurophysiology, Brucke assisted him to procure grant for carrying out further studies with the renowned psychiatrist, Charcot in Paris. Later, he also worked along with Bernheim in Nancy. Sigmund worked for a short tenure as resident in neurology and director of a pediatrics ward in Berlin. After completing these short spells of appointments, he returned back to Vienna and got married to Martha Bernays, his fiancée for many years. Thereafter, Freud set up his private practice in neuropsychiatry along with Joseph Breuer.

Freud’s work earned him both fame and isolation in the medical community. Freud did not like the association of people and friends who rejected his ideas or did not agree with him. It is because of this reason that he lived like a loner for most of his lifetime. Freud migrated to England just prior to the Second World War. He was heavily into smoking, which resulted in Leukoplakia, a benign outgrowth on his mouth. This was kept as a secret for sometime. Finally in April, 1923 he disclosed this to Ernst Jones. After undergoing surgery, the growth was removed but it reoccurred further worsening the situation. After a long spell of suffering at the hands of cancer, Freud succumbed to this fatal disease.

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How Did Sigmund Freud Die