Sigmund Freud Time Line

Sigmund Freud Time Line

Sigmund Freud’s name is regarded as a milestone in the field of psychology. This developer of psychoanalysis gave to the world immense insights regarding the conscious and unconscious elements of the human personality.

May 6, 1856: Sigmund Freud was born to Jewish parents, Kallamon Jacob Freud and Amalia Nathanson in Austro-Hungarian Moravia. Freud’s mother was the second wife his father, who already had two children from his first wedlock.

1859-1860 – Owing to immense financial crisis, Freud’s family was forced to move to Leipzig, Germany. Finally, in the year 1860, the family settled in the Leopoldstadt Jewish district in Vienna.

1865-1873 – Despite the poor financial status of the family, Freud’s parents enrolled him into a highly recognized school, the Gymnasium in Leopoldstadt. He excelled as a pupil and graduated in the year 1873 with a Matura diploma. The same year, Freud enrolled himself into the medical faculty at the University of Vienna.

1876 – Freud carried out medical research in Trieste and thereafter returned to Vienna, where he commenced work in the field of physiology with Ernst Wilhelm Brücke.

1879 – Freud underwent compulsory military training for a year.

1881 – Freud passed out from the University of Vienna with a medical degree to his credit.

1884-1887 – During these years, Freud conducted research on cocaine and established his private practice. The psychologist walked the isle with Martha Bernays in the year 1886. In the coming years, the couple was blessed with 6 children.

1896-1900- Freud commenced work in psychoanalysis and published his findings in the form of ‘The Interpretation of Dreams’ in November 1900.

1922 - Freud was detected with the dreadful disease of gum cancer. Despite a surgery, his condition did not improvise much.

1930- Freud was honored with the Goethe Prize from the city of Frankfurt.

1933-1939 – After Hitler comes into power, the Nazis disapproved of his research and burnt his books. After the invasion of Austria by the Nazis, the Freud family took shelter in England in the year 1938. The following year on September 23, Freud succumbed to the fatal disease arresting his body for years.

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Sigmund Freud Time Line