What Causes Dreams And Nightmares

What Causes Dreams And Nightmares ?

On average, human beings spend about six years of their entire life in dreaming. Since ages, the concept of dreams has fascinated many and a lot of study so far has been done on this aspect. However, despite of all this research, dreams still remain a mystery for most of us.

Science highlights that dreams occur during the Rapid Eye Movement sleep. When a person dreams, although it appears that the person is at rest but in reality his or her brain remains as agile as it was when the person was awake. Occasionally dreams are so logical that person feels as if he or she is actually experiencing them. Such dreams are sometimes pleasant or may turn out to be nightmares.

There are certain health conditions which trigger nightmares. Bipolar disorder and diabetes are known to cause dramatic visions as these diseases cause interruption in the Rapid Movement of Eye during sleep. Any interruption in the REM pattern makes it difficult for the dreamer to distinguish between dreams and real perceptions. Those who consume anti-depressants and tranquilizers also experience such dreams.

Women who are pregnant have been found to complain about nightmares and dreams. Various studies have deduced that such dreams experienced by pregnant women are the outcome of fear and uncertainty that lies behind the minds of expectant mothers. What we eat has immense effect on what we dream. It is a known fact that normally spicy and fatty foods cause nightmares. There are other dietary factors also which cause nightmares and dreams. Excess of Vitamin B6 in our body can cause neurological complexities resulting in dreams and nightmares. Low blood sugar is also responsible for such types of dreams.

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What Causes Dreams And Nightmares