Why Do People Have Nightmares

Why Do People Have Nightmares ?

Various kinds of dreams are experienced during sleep, some are simple and understandable others are complex, scary and disturbing. There are some dreams that we are unable to recollect after waking up. Nightmares, often termed as bad dreams not only upset a sound night’s sleep, but can be very mentally disturbing as well.

The basic reasoning behind getting nightmares is stress and anxiety. Traumatic incidences in real life cause nightmares. Incidence like major surgery, illness, loss of loved ones, accidents, and witnessing violent assaults are some of the causes of nightmares. Certain medicines, illnesses and health disorders can also trigger nightmares. A few other common reasons for nightmares are sleep disorders, consumption of excessive alcohol and drugs and high intake of spicy and oily foods. Spicy food actually increases the body temperature which results in disruption of sleep. Those who eat just before going to bed are also susceptible to nightmares. When we consume food, it enhances the metabolic rate of our body thereby activating the brain. An overactive brain disrupts the REM pattern giving rise to nightmares. Similarly, food rich in fat content increases the body temperature, resulting in disrupted sleep.

Children also experience nightmares quite often. One must not worry much with respect to nightmares experienced during childhood as they are merely the consequence of various growth factors. These could also be regarded as a learning process that teaches children how to cope with the various fears and problems associated with life. People mostly confuse night terror with nightmares. These are two absolutely different aspects. Screaming and thrashing of bed is the result of night terror which occurs at the NREM stage of sleep, whereas nightmares results in fear and anxiety that occurs during the REM stage. Scientists believe that nightmares are a form of psyche relief, since it facilitates all kinds of fear to be released from the mind.

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Why Do People Have Nightmares