Feng Shui Color Chart

Feng Shui Color Chart

Feng Shui guides you to manipulate objects that regulate the energy flow. You can refer to the Feng Shui color chart to decorate the rooms in your house.

The colors in the Feng Shui color chart originate from the five basic Feng Shui elements: water, fire, earth, wood and metal.Every person is assigned an element using the Chinese calendar. You use a combination of colors which belong to your prime element as well as include those colors in your room depending on the element you want to influence your life.

Earth elements are of pale yellow and beige colors and they bring in harmony, protection, sustenance and stability in your relationships.

The colors of the Fire element are the most vibrant: red, orange, pink, bright yellow and purple. These colors are recommended for a home office if you want to build a strong career. Fire fuels energy and passion in things you do.

Water symbolizes abundance, ease, purity, freshness and tranquility. Black and blue colors form a part of this element.

Wood promotes wealth and prosperity in abundance. It is believed to promote health, growth and vitality. You can use green and brown for including the Wood element in your life.

Metal indicates precision, efficiency and clarity. You can include this element to bring in lucidity and energy in your life. White and gray are a part of this element.

Likewise, each color brings in different kinds of energy. While black brings protection, red promotes energy. Blue is the healer and green indicates freshness and growth. Brown nourishes the place and yellow brings cheer. Orange promotes vibrancy and grey emits sharpness. White denotes purity, and purple denotes vibrancy. Pink enhances love.

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Feng Shui Color Chart