Feng Shui Front Door Tips

Feng Shui Front Door Tips

The front door is given a lot of importance in Feng Shui. The power of the universe comes to people through their front doors. If the back door can be seen from the front door, it signifies that the energy is flowing too quickly through the home or office. Chimes, crystals, statues, small plants or lights can be used to make a bend from the front door to the rear door. If the entrance is obstructed by bushes and it cannot be seen easily from the street or the door bell is not working or the door lock is rusty, it is not the best way to invite best opportunities to your home or office.

Besides, the front door should be able to create a good first impression to visitors coming into an individual’s office or home. A few Feng Shui tips to make a good impression on the visitors have been given below.

A mirror should be hung in front of the entrance to allow the energy to go through easily. If there is a presence of a wall directly in front of the entrance, it will stop the smooth flow of energy. Hence, the mirror will facilitate the flow smoothly.

Spraying special Feng Shui sprays on the front door neutralizes pessimistic energy and encourages opportunity to come inside.

The area around the front door should be spacious in order to ensure that no opportunity is choked away.

There should be adequate lighting around the front door so that opportunity can find its way in.

The living room should be as close as possible to the front door so that visitors may come and support the individual in his life.

Make sure the front door opens quietly, without any creaks and sounds. Avoid storing anything behind the front door. This is basically for smoothly inviting opportunity.

Aggressive artwork should not be hung in front of the entrance because these are not welcoming symbols for others.

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Feng Shui Front Door Tips