How To Cleanse Feng Shui Items ?

How To Cleanse Feng Shui Items ?

If you are an ardent follower of Feng Shui, then it is quite possible that you have collected Feng Shui items also.

There are several Feng Shui items like the frog with the coins, bamboo, fish, laughing Buddha, standing Buddha, and many more. Turtles with coins in their mouth are also used as lucky Feng Shui item

These are the most popular ones but there are several more Feng Shui items. Each of these Feng Shui items has a special value and place. They are meant to generate energy in the form of luck, prosperity, health and money. All these are positive form of energies and one should respect them. However, wrong positioning or non maintenance of these Feng Shui items can bring bad luck into the house. They are also quite capable of generating negative energy.

When you go to any Feng Shui store, you will find that the Feng Shui items are kept crystal clean. Even you need to maintain them in the same manner if they are present in your house or office. You should clean them carefully. Never let any dust collect on the Feng Shui items and they should be dusted everyday. You can use a feather duster to remove the dust.

Once in a month, you need to clean these items thoroughly. The best way to clean them is using salt water. Salt water according to Feng Shui removes all the negative energy stored in the item. Salt water has special healing powers according to Feng Shui.

There are professional stores that clean Feng Shui items with a liquid. Even this solution has salt in it. However they make the items shine. You can get a bottle of this solution to clean the items yourself at home.

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How To Cleanse Feng Shui Items