How To Feng Shui Your Room ?

How To Feng Shui Your Room ?

Creating an energetic and healthy home requires a lot of effort. It is very easy to allow one’s room to get cluttered. A dirty room can make a person feel constipated, fatigued and congested. A clean room on the other hand can have a calming effect on our senses. It facilitates the individual in feeling in control of his life. He does not get overwhelmed which happens to him in case of a dirty room.

Removing all the clutter will help also in improving the financials of a person. A clean south east corner can help in the accumulation of wealth. Similarly a clean south corner can help in avoiding problems of lungs, skin and feet. A clutter in the southwest corner can create problem in relationships and lead to problems in the digestive and reproductive system. Problems and clutter in northern area can create trouble in the kidneys and ears.

Brightening up this area will create a space so that the energy of water can come here bringing career and business opportunities. A problem in north east corner of the room keeps a person feeling anxious and uncertain and prevents him from thinking clearly and making good decisions. A clean northwest area of the house helps in finding who are going to help and assist us in our life.

A cluttered home is visually exhausting. It also makes us feel hopeless. In case of the kitchen, if a person’s back is to the door, a mirror should be placed behind the stove to give a view as to who is entering the kitchen. Placing objects in pairs in the bedroom increases matrimonial harmony. It should be ensured that the door of the room opens easily and swiftly.

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How To Feng Shui Your Room